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What Southern Means To Us

The dictionary says that Southern means "of or relating to the South." We also know that you can ask five Southerners what they think it means and get five different answers. Since the two of us are curating Southern goods, we figured you might want to know what we consider to be Southern.  

Brandee's Southern:

Balmy summer nights with live music and craft beer.

Boat loads of seafood boiled, fried or smothered in spicy deliciousness.

Oak trees with moss and mosquitoes the size of pterodactyls. College football and over the top tailgating.

Fried chicken and spontaneous front porches gathering of neighbors who are more like family.

Those same neighbors who know you and still love you... and your kids.

Seersucker sundresses, good manners, and that good old Southern hospitality you hear about–it's real.

I left the South once when my husband accepted an opportunity out West. We packed our bags and were ready for the adventure of just living in a new place far from what we were used to. We knew it wouldn't be forever, so we were going to give it a whirl and have fun doing it. Not that we didn't love New Orleans (where I grew up and we met) or the Mississippi Gulf Coast (where he grew up and we lived until Hurricane Katrina) but we were young and like I said we were offered a great opportunity so we took it. The place out West was nice and many people would love to live there and do love living there but one day after only 3 months my husband burst through the door and said "Bran, get me home. Find me a job in the South and get us home".

For the next few weeks I sent out resumes for 8 hours a day. Finally, we were able to get home only 5 months after we left. I will never forget the feeling of relief I had when driving along I-10 and  I saw the first sign "Welcome to Louisiana". Five hours later we were on a neighbors porch exhausted, relieved and a little cocktailed.

So, what does the South mean to me? Home.

Celeste's Southern:

Growing up in the New Orleans area, I never really considered myself “Southern” until I got older–just like I thought everyone had a Mardi Gras and was off school that week.

When I hear the word “Southern” the first word that pops into my head is “Gentler”; it’s a gentler way of living.  

It’s friendly and open.

It’s greeting everyone with a smile and “Hello” and “How’s ya Mamma and dem?”  

I prefer my tea unsweet, my porches screened against bugs, and my breakfast come with grits.

That’s what Southern means to me:  a gentle, friendly way of every day.  

No matter what your definition of Southern is there's one thing that everyone can agree on: Southern isn’t just a destination, it’s a frame of mind.

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