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3 Things I am Obsessed with Right Now

There are 3 things that I am currently obsessed with.  

Why should you care?  Well, you should care because they are some pretty cool things that I want to share with you!  

1.  The Boss Mom Podcast Episode 188 :  the Not So Obvious Ways to Self Care

Self care has been high on my priority list for the last few months.  Its something that as a mom it's never on my to do list.  I'm totally guilty of putting everyone else and what they want ahead of me - all the time.  It's my job as a mom, right?  Well, not really.  It's the whole oxygen mask thing, you know:  put the mask on yourself before you put it on others or you are useless.    I also know that self care is so much more than just taking time to go get my nails done, it's the taking time part that's the important part of the self care thing.  I also LOVE listening to the Boss Mom Podcast, these ladies just get me - or I feel like they do.  If you want to check out this podcast, click above.  (This is an affiliate link for me so I get a tiny little referral fee for it.- full disclosure.)

2.  My Big O Keyring

Yes, we sell them, but it's not a sales pitch.  I really love this keyring.  As a mom, wife and small business owner, I am always doing 1000 different things and seems like I am always carrying 17000.  When I leave the house in the morning it's normal for me to have my lunch bag, gym bag, purse, work bag, and my woobie, my corkcicle cup - not to mention having to load inventory and cart that into my retail location on the regular.   Without the Big O Keyring I quickly run out of hands and can't find my keys - or worse, I lock myself out of the house - AGAIN!  If you want one of your own, click above

3. Big Little Lies Soundtrack

I saw a commercial for this show and I have a HUGE crush on Reese Witherspoon (Like I know we would totally be BFFs) so how could I resist checking it out.  It sucked me in from episode 1 and I LOVED the music.  It was low key and relaxing and now has me wanting to make a trip to Monterey.  This plays big into that whole Self Care thing I was talking about.  If you want to take a listen or download it yourself, click the photo.  (This is an affiliate link for me so I get a tiny little referral fee for it.- full disclosure.)
Well, that's what I am obsessed with right now.  What has been on your mind lately?

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